About us

dixi.store was founded by two engineers and new parents in 2018 in Los Angeles, California - USA. Both at a young age, we were successful in our professional career but decided to started our own business, to pursue a passion for offering cool products to little kids. 

We really believe that children should get more than just toys. Nowadays they normally spend too much time on the screen. Educational toys will inspire them to be more creative and connect with their families through the art. This is a great way for them to discover and love our beautiful world! In the meanwhile, involvement in games will help them develop various critical skills, such as creative thinking, observational, critical thinking, social skills and last but not least fine motor skills. 

Selling directly to customers is one of our main strategies. This way we are able to bring price down by a meaningful portion and we get to serve our customers directly and build a long-lasting bond. Be able to communicate and share thoughts with our customers has proven to be one of the most helpful things we had running dixi.store. From our customers, we get to know what they really need so we are able to design and to make products that cut to the bone and to fix the issue that bothers them.

We are proud to be dixi.store and be part of your kids' growth.


Sophia & Lucas